i’m either the most or least cultured for being the only one at the function who knows dr demento

after pokémon sleep, what’s next? pokemon eat? pokémon do nothing but think of you?

AI is the future— it’s absolutely stunning by how adeptly Spotify’s DJ is able to capture a perfect radio station


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a lot of queens on tonight’s are acting pretty cocky about their lip sync skills, but it’s not like this is a lalaparooster

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[three ufos in a trench coat] how about this weather

i’m learning to say what i mean; my tongue is liberated like a rihanna super bowl dancer

i will be joining aaron rodgers on his upcoming darkness retreat

has anyone else felt the urge to get thrown against and break a wooden table

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Choose a country and decade, and listen to music you'd be hearing there and then:


THE LAST OF US episode 3 has brought to realization that the steps i need to take to find love start with setting a variety of traps outside my home

nicki minaj’s pop feature era where she wore visors in all the visuals

about to fuck up some commas at fast growing trees dot com

my iphone keeps autocorrecting digimon

*king kongs to the top of a building*

nearly trapped in a skill crane of sorrows; the new single by shakira is the claw

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